2. Plan
  3. “Private chef plan” Mr.Koshimizu,Frecnch-style

“Private chef plan” Mr.Koshimizu,Frecnch-style

Your private chef visits the villa and will make a special dinner for you.

【Private chef special dinner】

3 types of finger food
Mount Fuji Caviar
Omar blue and vegetable terrine
Specialty Foie Gras Cubes
Grilled Red sea bream with Salt and Herb Sauce
Sukiyaki-flavored Rare Wagyu Beef Steak and Truffles
Basket of marshmallow ice cream and meringue
*Ingredients may vary depending on the season

【Hot sand breakfast】

※For breakfast, only recommended ingredients will be provided. It is a plan for guest’s self-cooking.

Juice: Shingetsu’s special grape juice
Mount Fuji Yogurt
Seasonal fruits
Hot sandwich (ham, cheese)

Introduction of chef

Hiromi Koshimizu
After graduating from Tokyo Culinary College, he trained at [Les Cristallines] in Minami Aoyama for 4 years, worked as a sous-chef, and went to France.
Play a Chef saucier at 1-star [La Poularde] , Poissonnier at 2-star [La Table St-Crescent], and for a total of 4 years of training.
After returning to Japan, he worked as a sous-chef at [MalDamour] in the members-only hotel [Tokyo Baycourt Club], and became the executive chef at [l’art et la maniere] in Ginza.
Left the company in February 2020 and became independent entrepreneur.
[Award History]
2018 Gault & Millau 14 points
2019 Tabelog Award Bronze
2020 Tabelog Awards Bronze

Plan name
“Private chef plan” Mr.Koshimizu,Frecnch-style
French Entertainment
Hot sandwich (self-cooking)