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  3. [BBQ entertainment dinner plan]

[BBQ entertainment dinner plan]

Mr. Muto-BBQ master will visit your villa and cook for you.

【BBQ Master’s Special Dinner】

・Grilled Red chicken with salt
・Cold wagyu steak
・Pork&radish’s Oden stew
・Roasted vegetables
・Beef tongue fried noodles with salt
・Whitebait pizza
・Baked fruits
*Ingredients may vary depending on the season

【Hot sand breakfast】

※For breakfast, only recommended ingredients will be provided. It is a plan for guest’s self-cooking.

Juice: Shingetsu’s special grape juice
Mount Fuji Yogurt
Seasonal fruits
Hot sandwich (ham, cheese)

Introduction of chef

Mr. Shunichi Muto (nickname:Muto Niku)
Beef Concierge
He started his career in the meat industry after moving from the financial industry.
He has been selling meat and processed meats using the camping and BBQ skills he has cultivated since childhood, and has also established his own business model as an on-site cooking service, serving hospitality food at private BBQs at customers’ homes and vacation homes, and at parties at harbors, golf courses, circuits, and other venues. In addition to the authentic taste and rarity of the meat he prepares, he has the skill to grill all kinds of ingredients, including fish, vegetables and fruits, to perfection.
You are sure to be impressed!

Plan name
[BBQ entertainment dinner plan]
BBQ entertainment dinner
Hot sandwich (self-cooking)