Limited to one group
Private villa


Completely private use of the vast site for one group only
How to stay is flexible...
Relax on the pool deck and refresh yourself in the sauna.
Play with your dog at the dog run
Take a walk on a small hill-Tsukiyama
Looking up at the starry sky while lighting a bonfire at night


It is your own private pool where no one will disturb you.
Full-scale specifications of length 7m, width 4m, depth 1.2m.
Because it is warm water, you can use it comfortably in a long season.
The pool lit up at night is also exceptional.

*The water will be heated from the end of April to the end of October.
*You can also enjoy it in the autumn and winter seasons as a water bath after the sauna or as an ornamental.
*Please refrain from entering the water with your dog.


It is your own private sauna where no one will disturb you. Wood-burning stove for the best sauna experience.
Sauna is located on the pool deck. Enjoy the sauna and cool down in the pool. Then relax on the deck chair. It will be a special refreshing time.
Aroma oil is also available for the löyly (steaming) .

*Sauna is available all year round.
*Please use the pool as a water bath (from the end of April to the end of October, the pool is heated to 28 ℃).

BBQ deck

There is a deck dedicated to BBQ beside the swimming pool. Because there is a roof, you can stay confortable under the summer heat and even in rainy weather.
The gas grill is Monarch from Broil King, which is widely loved around the world. Please feel free to use it.
BBQ by the pool while looking at Mt.Fuji is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

Dog Run

We have a large dog run of 1000 square yard is a large open space with natural grass.
Large dogs are also delighted and can run around to their heart's content. Eliminate the lack of daily exercise and deepen your love with your pet.

Fuji View Terrace

A terrace on the south side where the sun shines endlessly. You can see Mt.Fuji right in front of you.
It is adjacent to the dog run, so why not have a glass of champagne while watching your dog run around?
There is also a smoking area (smoking is prohibited indoors and in other areas).


Original bathrobe and special pajamas available

Original bathrobes are available for ease of use after pool or bathing. It has a hood and is functional for drying hair and keeping out the cold. We also have special pajamas for sleeping. Please enjoy a pajama party with your friends and family wearing the original logo. Please refrain from taking home.


Fire pit

Bonfire experience is possible on the fire pit. Burning firewood, getting warm, drinking coffee, you will want to talk forever. We also recommend the "s'more" making, where you sandwich a toasted marshmallow and chocolate between cookies.

Japanese-style living room

A Japanese-style living room has been set up at the entrance of the amusement space. When you open the impressive pine designed sliding doors, you will find a large TV. Feel free to take a relaxing time on Tatami mats in your second living room.

Multipurpose gym

This space can be used for meetings, corporate training and social gatherings or Yoga. Please use here in various ways even in rainy or stormy weather to have fun. Size of gym: 6.8m x 11.6m =78.8㎡ rectangular shape as it's easy to use.
[Equipment] 10 tables, 20 chairs, 100-inch screen, projector, whiteboard, lectern, microphone, speakers, table tennis


On the west side of the site is an artificial hill. It is full of dazzling greenery, and in autumn, it turns bright red with the large autumn leaves. It is a spot where you can enjoy the view from your bedroom and take a walk in the morning and evening.


Free car parking is available on site. Up to 6 cars can be parked.
1 EV charging is also available.

*Please let us know the number of cars in advance.