Meals here are freestyle


Freestyle dining
You can bring your own food and cook freely.
It is also possible for the hotel to offer prepared ingredients.
We also offer a plan to invite a private chef as if you were eating at a restaurant.


The most recommended dinner is BBQ.
We have two Broil King gas grills, one for outdoor use and one for indoor use, so feel free to use them.
You are free to bring your own ingredients!
Or please enjoy the menu prepared by the hotel, mainly using local ingredients. We recommend it with confidence.


During the cold season, we recommend shabu-shabu hot pot for dinner. The shabu-shabu dinner we prepare has received high praise from many guests, and we confidently recommend it. Please do try it.
If you choose not to place an order, you are also welcome to bring your own ingredients.


Hot sandwiches are special for breakfast!
You can make it delicious with special tools. Enjoy the best breakfast by the pool while watching Mt.Fuji.


Bringing Your Own Ingredients

With our room-only plan, you are welcome to bring your own ingredients. You can freely use two professional-grade Broil King grills at no additional cost. We also provide various pots, hot plates, and cooking appliances. The three-burner stove is available for your use, and we offer a well-stocked selection of cutlery.

As basic seasonings, we provide salt, pepper, olive oil, soy sauce, and butter. Feel free to bring your preferred ingredients and enjoy cooking with your family or friends in our kitchen.


Private chef

Why don't you invite a chef to Villa Saison Fuji and experience a splendid dinner? All ingredients and tools are provided, so all you have to do is leave the rest to the chef. We have a recommended plan for you.
You can taste delicious meat procured from the famous "Onishi Meat Shop" where fans come from afar. In addition, there are many ingredients that you should definitely try, such as ahijo, which is also a purveyor to famous hotels, aqua pazza made by a fishmonger in Izu, and desserts ordered from the Niseko area in Hokkaido. *This service only provides ingredients and seasonings. Please do your own cooking.
Dinner#2(Shabu-shabu / hot pot)
Enjoy a feast of delicious meat procured from the famous "Onishi Meat Shop", which is frequented by fans from far away, and alfonsino (red snapper) shabu-shabu delivered directly from a fishmonger in Izu. There are many ingredients that you should definitely try, such as Fuji's specialty salmon "Fujinosuke" and desserts ordered from Niseko area in Hokkaido.


We have a wine cellar.
You can purchase from a lineup of precious Yamanashi wines and Japanese Sake selected by the famous store "Toraya Liquor", where many people come from far away to buy.
Beer and soft drinks are also available to purchase.

A hot sandwich breakfast made with homemade bread from a local bakery. It will be a combination plan with Dinner #1.
*This service only provides ingredients and seasonings. Enjoy your own cooking.
A French toast breakfast that is crispy on the outside and fluffy inside. It will be a combination plan with Dinner #2.
*This service only provides ingredients and seasonings. Enjoy your own cooking.

Cooking appliances

The island kitchen has three heaters IH stove and a fish grill.

Broil King's Monarch gas grill is also installed in the indoor kitchen.

A large dishwasher is especially useful for long-term guests.

Vermicular rice cookers have a reputation for being able to cook delicious rice.

Balmuda microwave and toaster oven
Widely known for baking impressive toast

Water boiling coffee maker "Takumi Premium"
A fully automatic coffee maker that reproduces hand drip coffee provides delicious coffee from beans to extraction
*Coffee beans are also available

Tableware, Cutlery, Cookware

We have tableware such as large and small plates
Tableware for children is also available.

We have a variety of wine glasses, glasses, mugs, etc.

There are wide variety of chopsticks, forks, spoons, kitchen scissors, wine openers, etc.


hot plate, electric grill pan
It can be used for many purposes such as hot pot, pancakes, and takoyaki.

Electric kettle
It is for plenty of 1.2 liters
*Special black tea and green tea are also available.