Only dogs finished potty training are allowed. Large dogs are also welcome. Up to 4 pets can stay free of charge. If you are staying with a pet, please be sure to let us know the dog’s breed, weight and age in advance.
*We will clean, disinfect, and deodorize every time, so please feel free to come even if you do not have pets!

Notes on pet use
・Please do not put pets on the bed.
・If you soil the bed, you will be charged a cleaning fee.
・Limited to dogs that have been vaccinated against rabies
・Please clean your pet’s paws before entering the room after returning from a walk.
・If your pet urinating inside without sheet, please clean it yourself. Also, be sure to let the staff know where the trouble occurred.
(We’ll do concentrated deodorization of that part and avoid next mistake by future dog)

We offer a variety of pet stuff
・Two cages
・Two toilet trays
・Toilet sheets
・2 Bowls
・Garbage bag
・Deodorant spray
・Cage cleaning supplies
・Lint roller
・Disposal wet towel

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