Villa Saison Fuji

Ultimate private villa hotel
Saison" means seasons
Spring, summer, fall, and winter, no matter when you visit
A blissful time surrounded by gentleness


Standing on right next to Lake Kawaguchi
Looking straight ahead at the majestic figure of Mt. Fuji
On vast grounds
A place of peace where the seasons weave

Private pool, Private sauna and barbecue deck
Dog run
A garden with a bonfire pit
Multipurpose gym
And there's a wide sky, clouds looking up, and stars

The purpose of the trip is To stay
One and only private hotel
Villa Saison Fuji

The property has its own private pool. The swimming pool, facing south, is 7m long, 4m wide, and 1.2m deep. On the pool deck which has private sauna, you can relax on the deck chairs. In addition, it is lit up at night and shows a different expression from emerald green to deep blue.

“Saison” means four seasons rich in nature. The Tsukiyama(small hill) on the 4000 square yard grounds presents a variety of scenery: cherry blossoms in spring, greenery in summer, red leaves in autumn, and deciduous leaves in winter. The majestic figure of Mt. Fuji facing directly in front of you will never let you get tired of it. Put yourself on the deck terrace where you can face Mt. Fuji and have peace from the bottom of your heart.

The one-story villa with a maximum ceiling height of 5 meters has 3 bedrooms and a maximum capacity of 13 people. There is no better place than this for family trips, trips for three generations, and friends. We have a large dog run of 1000 square yard, so even large dogs can run around to their heart's content.
Enjoy your holiday without being disturbed by anyone in a vacation rental style.


MORZH’s Tent Sauna, a dream of many sauna lovers, has been introduced for a limited time only!

From November to the end of January, you can enjoy our wood-fired tent sauna. The pool can also be used as a water bath, so please enjoy it as well.
A new sauna is scheduled to be installed in February. We will announce it again on our website.

Leave yourself to nature as the seasons change


It is up to you how to spend your time on the vast grounds
Stay active? or
Spend all day doing nothing?
There is the irreplaceable time you get just by standing here

Add firewood slowly to the wood stove.
Just going out on the terrace while looking at Mt. Fuji becomes a special trip.
How to spend your time changes depending on the season.

In spring and summer, take a nap in the deck chairs after swimming in the pool.
Run around with your dog at the front yard and stretch out on the grass.
In the evening, toast on the terrace while admiring Fuji
In the fall and winter, after warming up your body and mind in the sauna, it's a luxury to use the pool as a cold bath.
Light the wood stove and look up at the starry sky while making a bonfire in the garden.
When I wake up, let's walk in the small hill beside the villa,
Now, what should we do next?


Place yourself in a sophisticated space


1916 square feet, newly built villa with maximum ceiling height of 5 meters
living room with wood stove
Dirt floor kitchen with barbecue grill
A comfortable space where everything has been refined and where you can rest with peace of mind

You can enjoy barbecue indoors even in bad weather
Talk to your heart's content in the earthen floor dining room

Just an idea how to spend your time...
Prepare a BBQ in the island kitchen on the dirt floor that extends from the pool deck
After the poolside dinner, have a few more drinks at the dining room in the villa.
Watch a movie on a large 75-inch TV while feeling the waves of the pool swaying in the wind and the flames of the wood-burning stove.
Have coffee while feeling the morning sun on a soft bed
what to do next?


Enjoy carefully selected ingredients in nature


A private villa with a kitchen and dining room
We can prepare the best local ingredients,
Or you can bring in your favorite ingredient
Also, you can indulge in gourmet food around Lake Kawaguchiko

We offer ingredients that have been prepared.
You can grill it on the BBQ grill, make a hot pot, or ask professional chef to cook.

We have two Broil King barbecue grills (poolside deck and inside kitchen).
Please feel free to use them.
You can bring in your favorite food ingredients.
We also offer plans with carefully selected and prepared ingredients.
There are various cooking utensils such as pots , Vermicular,Takoyaki please use them as you like.
In addition, we also offer a special plan of private chef will show off his skills in front of you.




Villa Saison Fuji is located in the historic Katsuyama district of Fuji-kawaguchiko Town.
Once there was an elementary school here, and a monument to the school still remains on the site.
Later, during the period of rapid economic growth after World War II, one of Japan's leading trading companies built a resort here.
The area was crowded as a place to spend a moment of relaxation in the Showa period(half a century ago).
Fuji to the south and the lake Kawaguchi to the north, the small hill with its cherry blossoms and autumn leaves, and the flowers that bloom in every season will continue to provide visitors with peace of mind.



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Villa Saison Fuji is located in the historic Katsuyama district of Fuji-kawaguchiko Town.
Approximately 90 minutes drive from Tokyo area, 10 minutes drive from [Kawaguchiko] train station.


Regarding the Shuttle Car

Regarding the Shuttle Car

We have a 9-passenger shuttle car. If you would like pick up service from Kawaguchiko Station to our facility, please let us know in advance.