【About Stay】

Regarding capacity

Maximum capacity is 13 people.
The number of beds:1 king bed, 4 single beds, 2 bunk beds (4 singles), and 2 extra beds.
No sorry. People other than registered guests are not allowed to enter the facility.

Can we have a party there?

No sorry.

Can I invite friends who has not made a reservation?

No sorry. People other than registered guests are not allowed to enter the facility. The maximum number of users is 13 people.

Check-in and Check-out time

Check-in is from 15:00 to 18:00.
Check out is until 11:00. Please enjoy your stay.

Cancellation fee

10% charge from 30 days before, 30% charge from 14 days before, 100% charge from 7days before

Early check-in or Late check-out

We’re sorry but cannot accept either.

About Smoking cigarettes,

Smoking is allowed only on the Fuji-view Terrace where ashtrays are installed. Smoking is prohibited in the room.

Crib & High chair for baby

Available, please let us know in advance. Limited number.
※The number of units is limited

Can we bring in food and beverages?

Feel free to bring your own food and beverages.
You can freely use the kitchen and tableware in the facility.


Is the pool heated?

A:The water temperature is set at 28 degrees from the end of April to the end of October. From November to the end of April, please use it as a water bath after the sauna.

Do you have swimming floaties?

Yes, we have.

What stove and fuel do you use in the sauna?

It’s a wood stove. Firewood is available free of charge.

Can I do Löyly (steaming)?

Yes, it is possible. Aromas are also available.

Is there a usage time?

In order to be considerate of the neighborhood, the pool and sauna can only be used until 9:00 pm.

【About Amenity】

What we offer

We offer the following
・Bath towel face towel
・Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hand soap, facial cleanser, lotion
・Cotton, cotton swabs, comb, body towel *Eco series
・Toothbrush *Eco series
・Slippers (disposable and normal type)
・Antiseptic solution

About WIFI

We have introduced an optical cable, so you can connect more than 10 devices at the same time with WiFi, and videos or ZOOM will move smoothly (wired connection is not avairable).
With a maximum download speed of 400 Mbps, you can connect anywhere in the villa, and comfortably use zoom, youtube, etc.

Kitchen tools & table wares

Various cooking utensils and tableware are available.
・coffee maker
・rice cooker
・hot plate
・electric pot
・frying pan
・bow l/ strainer
・wine opener
・Can opener
・wine glass
・large plate / small plate

About basic seasoning we offer

We offer the following basic seasonings.
Olive oil,Butter,Salt, pepper, soy sauce.

Do you offer drinking water?

Mineral water is provided free of charge. In addition, the tap water in Kawaguchiko Town contains minerals made from snowmelt water from Mt. Fuji, so you can drink it with peace of mind.
Free coffee/black tea/green tea are available.

Can we purchase drinks at the hotel?

You can purchase alcohol such as carefully selected local beer, wine, sake, and soft drinks for a fee.

About air purifiers and humidifiers

Each bedroom is equipped with an air purifier and a humidifier.


The nearest train station

10 minutes by car from Fujikyuko Line “Kawaguchiko Station”, approximate 1300 yen by taxi.
For access,please refer from here

About parking

A Free parking is available for up to 6 vehicles on site. If you have more than 6 cars, please contact us in advance.
There is also an EV charging facility that can be used free of charge ( 200V normal charging unit / please bring your own charging cord).
Reservations are not required, but please let us know in advance how many vehicles you will be using.

About nearby shops

・Daily Yamazaki convenience store about 3 minutes on foot
・Seven-Eleven: about 5 minutes on foot
・Supermarket Ogino: about 6 minutes by car
・スーパー「マックスバリュー」 当施設から車で約5分 *The nearest supermarket from the facility

【About pick-up】

Do you provide transportation?

We have a courtesy car with a capacity of 9 passengers. We can provide transportation between Kawaguchiko Station and our facility, so please be sure to let us know when you make a reservation.

【About reservation】

Is it possible to make a reservation by phone call?

Reservations can only be made on the web. For inquiries, please use [contuct form] on our page.

Is it possible to pay locally?

Accommodation fee can only be paid in advance by credit card or bank transfer. If you would like to make a transfer,please contact us.

【About pets】

Only dogs finished potty training are allowed. Large dogs are also welcome. Up to 4 pets can stay free of charge.

Is there a charge for staying with pets?

It is free of charge.

Stuffs to be offered

If you are staying with a pet, please be sure to consult us in advance.
・Two cages
・Two toilet trays
・Toilet sheets
・2 Bowls
・Garbage bag
・Deodorant spray
・Cage cleaning supplies
・Lint roller
・Disposal wet towel

Notes on pet use

・Please do not put pets on the bed.
・If you soil the bed, you will be charged a cleaning fee.
・Limited to dogs that have been vaccinated against rabies
・Please clean your pet’s paws before entering the room after returning from a walk.
・If your pet urinating inside without sheet, please clean it yourself. Also, be sure to let the staff know where the trouble occurred.
(We’ll do concentrated deodorization of that part and avoid next mistake by future dog)

Can dogs get into the swimming pool?

Sorry, pets are not allowed in the pool.


Can we play with small fireworks or sparklers?

Is possible. However, please be considerate of your neighbors. Please refrain from using rocket fireworks or aerial fireworks.  You can only use the type that you enjoy holding it in your hand

Do you offer firewood?

Yes, firewood for the wood stove,sauna and fire pit is available free of charge.

Can I hold a wedding party here?

Yes, it is possible. We have a large garden available for weddings. Please contact us for more details.

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